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Man falls off bridge and dies after jumping for joy when girlfriend said yes

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A man died after he fell from a bridge while ‘jumping for joy’ after his girlfriend agreed to marry him.


The 32-year-old unnamed man was in his girlfriend’s car when he asked her to pull over in the middle of Irabu Bridge, which links the Miyako and Irabu islands in Japan.


He told her he wanted to take in the view from the structure, however then dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring.


The man is said to have been so overjoyed when she said yes – he jokingly climbed onto the bridge railings and spread his arms to celebrate.


However seconds later he lost his balance, and fell 100 feet from the bridge into the water below.


Rescuers found the drowned man’s body seven hours later.


A police spokesman confirmed after that the man had been drinking before the tragedy took place.


Full article


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2 hours ago, inThailand said:

A promising candidate for the Darwin awards?


surprised to read was not a thai.

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I wanted to ask my former fiancee, now my former wife on top of the Empire State Building in Manhattan. Had she rejected, I'd jumped off that building.

Or maybe she'd jumped if I hadn't asked her.

Had saved me 100.000s of Euros.

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