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What is the VERY BEST thing about living in Thailand??

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Coming from the U.S and still new here, i will say that the best thing about Thailand for me is how affordable the food is. Thai street food is so amazing and the street vendors are all usually so polite. Everything is so fresh and so diverse compared to the states. Although i am still new. I can definitely see myself spending a lifetime here. It would be nice if some of you could share your favorite thing about living here. There are so many reasons but if you had to pick one what would it be?...

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Plentiful no-nonsense P and low cost of living aside:


Relative ease in which the avg westerner and most developing nationals can visit with Visa Exempt, Tourist, or Non immigrant visa and stay for several months at a time.


Not all developing countries have such a concise visa process.


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7 minutes ago, billd766 said:


But downtown BKK does not represent all of Thailand.


I live in rural Khampaeng Phet and I haven't shut the front gate in years, in fact when we resurfaced the drive a few years ago we buried the gate runner.

Nice part of the world, been there a couple of times, liked it both times.

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