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Floating trash off Pattaya's coast - watchdog blaming Thais as "sixth worst polluters" in the world

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Floating trash off Pattaya's coast - watchdog blaming Thais as "sixth worst polluters" in the world



Images: Facbook


The Pattaya watchdog group has once again raised the specter of trash in the sea off the coast of the resort.


Pictures of floating rubbish were put on Facebook with the watchdog laying the blame at the door of boats in and around the area.


The pictures were taken about two kilometers off the South Pattaya area where many large boats are moored.


The group said that the entire beach area from Jomtien to North Pattaya suffers as trash is blown ashore and they are calling on the authorities to act once more.


Though they note that the key to solving the issue is enforcement of already existing statutes that forbid the dumping of rubbish in the sea.


Without enforcement the problem will never go away, they suggested.


They described Thailand as the "sixth worst polluters of the sea in the world". They did not say where they got this assessment.


They have hashtags to raise awareness - #Save_THE_OCEAN and #Save_PATTAYA_BEACH.


Source: Pattaya Watchdog

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6th? They would move up the rankings if trash dropped on the beaches were counted (and most of that is dropped by Thais, I am sorry to say). Public PR program and enforcement might, just might, reduce it a tad

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