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Thai Cabinet give green light to new alcohol, cigarette tax rates

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1 hour ago, TheLobster said:

I was at the border with Myanmar last weekend and shocked to see the duty free price of Marlboro cigarettes - 72 THB/packet, at least 50THB less than in Thailand. The current and future tax in Thailand is aimed at tourists/farangs who the government still expect to come to Thailand or live in Thailand to provide one of their major sources of money.

Yep and when they stop as many have the sh>t hits the fan, now pray tel how do you pay for the sub and other arms, Oh I know rape the poor Thai's as per usual.

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On 2017-09-13 at 7:01 AM, Misterwhisper said:

I am not sure what the logic is behind basing the excise tax rate on the "recommended retail price."


When I buy a bottle of beer for, say, 55 baht, I assume that these 55 baht include A) the price of the product off factory, B) the wholesaler's profit, C) the retailer's profit,  and D) excise and other taxes.


How will a retail shop figure out for how much they should sell the bottle of beer if the excise tax is calculated on the retail price, i.e. the price passed on to the end consumer?


When a shop keeper receives their merchandise from the wholesaler, there supposedly is no excise tax on it yet. Then the retailer adds their profit margin, which results in the retail price BEFORE excise tax. Then they have to add to this the excise tax based on the calculated retail price - which would of course automatically push up the actual retail price, which in turn would necessitate another excise tax adjustment as the retail price is now higher. So how is this rather bizarre taxation structuring supposed to "NOT significantly affect the tax burden of entrepreneurs"?


Or am I missing something? Do they perhaps not mean "recommended retail price" but "off-factory price" or "wholesaler price"? Because everything else wouldn't make any sense. Who thinks out schemes like that? Idiots?


And in any case, why do we seem to have excise tax increases every other year now? Oh, I forgot, of course this apparently cash-strapped government desperately needs a couple of useless submarines... 

Easy! I would think the excise tax will be percentual, which means if it for example would be 25%. You put on 25% on the retail price. The other way around you have to take away 20% to lift off the excise tax to later be able to calculate your profit against your wholesale price.

Also sounds like a very good thing that makes people able to deal with mathematical problems.

The government might be desperate for submarines, but here it sounds like somebody is desperate for beer and are superscared of paying more for it. 

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I am a heavy drinker of wine. I have panic disorder and drinking in evening on the terrace is relaxing. Now before I already payed 3 time the price of a bottle in Europe. I am not willing to pay more again. WIne is already heavy on my budget in Thailand. So I will drink the shitty and UNHEALTHY fruit wine.


So consequence is, the wine retailer, goes broke, not sees me any more. And I get morte sugar in my blood, drinking unhealthy shit instead of a good bottle, that should be PROMOTED instead of being taxed for Christ sake health reasons. The ggovernment will not increase their tax income, as when too much is too much, we not buy it any more. Everybody is loosing on this!

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