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Family of Australian woman fatally shot wants Minnesota cop charged

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On 9/14/2017 at 3:40 PM, hawker9000 said:

'A very simple-minded, PC, and agenda-driven (i.e., cop-hating) narrative version.  You entirely leave out the word "reasonableness" from your indictment of U.S. law enforcement.  It is NOT enough that the police officer "feels threatened" in order to deploy deadly force, if that threat isn't reasonable.  And THIS situation DOES have all to do with race and ethnicity because the policeman in question was hired and placed ON THAT BASIS, and was obviously not qualified by reason of temperament or judgment.  'Not racial in the sense of any particular race or ethnicity, but racial in the sense of this individual having been placed on the force BASED ON RACE rather than competitive aptitude.


Cops - a few - CAN BE surly and self-important.  I know; I've experienced it.   But I think this rarely extends to the point of shooting somebody without justification.  This simply isn't such a case.  This cop was obviously incompetent, and the public was not well served by a hiring and placement decision based on a "diversity" mandate rather than suitability.   I strongly suspect that he went all the way through his academy or training regimen with instructors observing but looking the other way at shortcomings because they were under political pressure to "pass" him.

Ha ha. Made it through all his training etc. Please refer to a certain Royal Person went through Sandhurst and their opinion of that person although he "graduated".  I don't expect many replys to this. LOL

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On 9/13/2017 at 8:57 AM, lovelomsak said:

Let's face it, if it had been a black victim and a white cop, the comments - if there were any at all - would be quite different.

  You are so right. There would have been riots looting,beatings etc.

  You are seeing justice being sought in a legal way not thugs on the street as it would be  had been white cop black victim.


This is what you don't get because you don't want to have to consider "me in their shoes": If whites were a minority (fast forward to 2050 & beyond for a preview) there would certainly be a 'White Lives Matter' type of movement, there'd be riots, looting, beatings etc. because this is how people react when things have gone too far and the injustice, via the mounting body count, has reached unbearable proportions. Minorities tend not to have too much faith in the legal way.


As far as this case is concerned, I just want to know what exactly happened here (and not use it to forward my political agenda while speculating). Did she slap the car or was it fireworks, for example? I hope we will find out more details.

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