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Extradition documents ready to return Vorayuth to Thailand

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15 hours ago, trainman34014 said:

He is able to have an office there and do his business virtually unhindered.

Virtually unhindered - what's wrong, no bum guns?

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1.Two people from Thailand go missing, one male, one female.

2. It took a long time before the documents to extradite the first person from wherever he is currently residing.

3. The papers for the female took just a very short time.

4. Is the first due to financial influence and the second politically motivated?

5. If you watch the video provided by PatOnGo, of the Dave Clark 5, from 1965, there is a similarity in the performances of all three.  The Thai authorities continuously affirm they have no leads to the two missing persons and the guitars of the band have no leads to their instruments.

6. Are these facts related?

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18 hours ago, Oziex1 said:

If they are serious about getting him back, is it for justice or to squeeze a little more from him?

that's not a contradiction.......A little bit justice AND a lot of money

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