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Move over Casanova - meet the Thai district chief who has 120 wives and 28 kids!

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Move over Casanova - meet the Thai district chief who has 120 wives and 28 kids!



Picture: Daily News


He would be the envy of many. A 58 year old man who seems to have it all especially when it comes to wives.


Tambon chief Prasert - the boss in the district of Phromnee in Nakorn Nayok some 90 kilometers from Bangkok - has admitted to having 120 legally wedded wives and he is the father to 28 children.


And, according to the man described by locals as a loveable and pleasant mannered guy, there is not an argument in sight.


He has, after all, provided them all with land and houses and taken care of their every need.


He has 22 wives on hand locally and the rest are spread all over the country - except in the South.


And they were nearly all under 20 when he tied the knot - older ones would just cause trouble, he noted.


This week - acting on a tip off - Daily News and other reporters went to the Phromnee area to try to get to the bottom of the truth about the 58 year old owner of a building materials and construction business.


Before arriving at his house locals whetted the appetite of the press by heaping praise on their kamnan: "He's a lovely guy", they said, "always pleasant mannered and talks in a fun way. He always helps villagers who are in trouble or facing hardship", they said in chorus.


Intrigued by this glowing set off tributes the reporters approached Sert's house and were greeting by his latest wife - Nam Fon, 27 and a smiling Sert, pictured above.


Wasting no time the first reporter fired the question on everyone's lips, barely a second after the wais of greeting were done:


"So, how many wives and kids do you have - is it true there are more than 100?"


Only slightly taken aback and smiling somewhat sheepishly Sert confirmed what the reporters were keen to hear.


Matter-of-factly he said: "I have 120 wives and 28 sons and daughters".


Daily News said this rather stopped the reporters in their tracks.


Sert went on to give more details about his life story:


"My first marriage was when I was 17," he recounted. "My first wife was one or two years younger than me and we had three children.


"After that I had a string of others. Most of them were young women and they were all under 20.


"I don't like older ones - they argue too much".


Whenever he took a new wife he would politely inform all the others so there was no misunderstanding.


"I would say 'I have a new wife OK' - no one had a problem with that. They could all accept the situation and there were never any arguments".


He said that 22 of his wives lived in Nakorn Nayok and the rest were spread over all the provinces and regions of Thailand.


Except in the South - he made a point of saying he had no wives there.


"I respect them all," he continued. "In every case I asked their parents for permission to wed according to customs and traditions. All were properly wed at organized ceremonies.


"If they didn't have their own house I would get them some land and sort everything out for them so everyone was happy".


Asked why he had so many wives Sert explained:


"I am a building contractor - wherever I built a house I got a wife there.


"I love them all - and they all love me," he added, without further explanation.


Daily News said in their headline that legendary lothario "Khun Phaen" - a Thai version of Casanova known to all in the kingdom - would be shy of this popular kamnan.


Source: Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-09-14

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22 minutes ago, 4MyEgo said:

I have had just about as many as he has, but didn't cost me anywhere near what they cost him, I refer to them as my short time wives, and no kids either, that I would know of.


One long time wife is enough as 'she take good care me' and is also understands about my short time wives 555

I not believe you

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12 minutes ago, Media1 said:

Is it not illegal ?


Nope, as I suspect that he did the village "wedding" and not the official wedding at the Amphur.

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Wonder how many "sisters" he visits around the country that are married to foreigners most of the time?


Posting up a comprehensive family photo album could cause quite a stir in a lot of the villages back in the UK...


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