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Having trouble with TOT ZTE router  2 days ago LOS red light blinking no internet connection. TOT  call centre said it was a fault with the line out side the house and would check, tried later everything OK. Today same thing happened TOT said it meant there was no signal.30 mins. later working again, so maybe there is a bad line connection or router is faulty. Just wonder if any one has had same problem


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LOS = Loss of Signal

When the light is blinking it usually means a connection is being negotiated, or that a 'signal' isn't being detected.


Some ISPs have the ability to run diagnostics either by polling what equipment on your shared line is and isn't responding, or measuring line resistance directly that will indicate 'at what distance' a failure is occurring.


Sometimes they just blindly send a 'reset' command and call it finished.


Hopefully it's not an intermittent issue and the techs can find and repair/replace whatever is at fault.

The techs can always put one of their own routers on your connection to test if the issue is in your router.

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Thanks RichCor  I found  the problem  a bad connection between the lead that  goes in to the router and fibre oct. line  when they installed the the system it was a bad job, I found out by shaking the wire so after 3 days and five calls maybe tot. will come and sort it. 

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 I've had quite a few issues with my TOT internet connection ,until I've chosen Fiber Optic. There's a great customer complain website where you can write a great message that will be heard. 


   You can name the technicians and when you file a complain they really take it serious and get in touch with the office that left you in the rain.


After two complains, they were not just more friendlier, I've now got a much higher speed than I'm paying for.


Here's the TOT complain website: https://www.complaintsboard.com/tot-public-company-thailand-b120187


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