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Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

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Thanks, guys. Not for the first time, I have to start doubting the integrity of my system which, although indicating 'excellent' signal strength and better than average speed (well, that's what the 3BB man says!), can be sluggish on some sites, TalkSport, for example. Strange thing is, on other sites, such as Amazon (for my Xmas shopping), it is lightning fast.

My PC housekeeping is pretty tidy, too, so I'm left scratching my head.

T-V forum perf just OK at present, though :smile:

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You have to keep in mind that your 3BB connection speed test gives you an indication of the performance of your connection to their node somewhere in Thailand. When you connect to sites all over the world you depend on many highly variable factors; even two consecutive IP packets may follow differents routes. I remember my colleague tracing packets between Nairobi and our office in Geneva, finding out that they they were transiting through North American routers... So you can imagine why response times may be inconsistent. 

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