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Thailand draws 3.1 million tourists in August, a record for the month

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Thailand draws 3.1 million tourists in August, a record for the month

Kitiphong Thaichareon



FILE PHOTO: Tourists take a selfie at a department store in Bangkok, Thailand, September 21, 2016. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha


BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand welcomed 3.13 million tourists in August, a record for the low season month, and there’s no sign that the strong baht is hurting an industry that’s been a rare bright spot for the economy.


Tourism accounts for 12 percent of Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy, whose growth has picked up after years of sluggishness but still lags regional peers.


The August arrivals were 8.66 percent above a year earlier and marked the first time visitors during that month topped three million.


The visitors in August generated 163 billion baht ($4.93 billion) in revenue, up 11.7 percent from a year earlier, Pongpanu Svetarundra, permanent secretary of the tourism and sports ministry, told a news conference on Tuesday.


“The August number is considered very high as it’s the low season,” he said.


During August, the number of visitors from East Asia increased 10 percent from a year earlier to 2.26 million, with nearly one million from China, up 10.3 percent.


Numbers from the Middle East rose 19.4 percent to 103,784 in August while those from Europe were flat, at 437,739.




For January-August, there were 23.55 million arrivals, up 5.36 percent from a year earlier. Revenue in the first eighth months rose 7.5 percent to about 1.2 trillion baht.


The government has forecast about 35 million tourist arrivals this year, up from 2016’s record 32.6 million

The baht’s strength has not yet affected tourism, Pongpanu said. The currency has risen by about 8.2 percent against the dollar this year.


“The baht is not yet an obstacle to tourism, unless it gets stronger,” he said, adding that he hopes the central bank will keep the currency from appreciating further.


A central bank official told the news conference that the baht’s strength had not impacted tourism as other currencies were also appreciating, and that the central bank was closely monitoring the market.


A representative from the Association of Thai Travel Agents urged the central bank to cut its policy interest rate by 25 basis points to help hold down the baht and lower costs for the tourist industry amid increasing competition.


The Bank of Thailand has left the rate unchanged at 1.50 percent, near record lows, since April 2015. It next reviews monetary policy on Sept. 27, and most economists expect no change.


Writing by Orathai Sriring; Editing by Richard Borsuk

-- © Copyright Reuters 2017-09-19

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Just now, Just1Voice said:

I live in Chiang Mai, and can tell you for a fact - NO tourists here.  Got a friend who lives in Pattaya.  Says you can go out and drive golf balls on the beach and not worry about hitting anyone.  


TAT takes their figures from a simple process - Anyone who lands in a Thai airport, even if they are simply on their way to board another plane for a flight somewhere else, is counted as a tourist.  


The REAL tourist numbers?  No where even close to what TAT spouts on a regular basis. 



I told you they all go to this top secret megga resort in the mind of TAT, can't argue with that can we.

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1 hour ago, darksidedog said:

Bunch of bullshit. East Asian figures are up because close to a million Cambodians and Burmese went home to get the right papers for work and every one is recorded as a visitor when they come back.

As for the numbers on revenue, educated guess at best and more likely pure fabrication, plucked out of thin air. We all know the major tourist areas are begging for customers. I have never seen so many bars and restaurants closed. Real tourist numbers and revenue are way down, everyone knows it, and lying or manipulating numbers isn't going to change it.

Could a contributing factor be that both swampy and Don Muang are now international airports? A tourist that arrive in Swampy on a long-haul flight and then takes a budget carrier to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc now have to enter Thailand and are counted as a tourist, at least by TAT's standard.

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1 hour ago, wakeupplease said:

I have the answer here but don"t tell anyone


There is a new invisible resort that is hidden from view, its so good and top secret only TAT and quality tourists know about it and I do not lie. (But lying is not a problem anyhow is it). So that is where all these new tourists go and also the reason we do not see many in the old resorts. Sure fact the Europeans have voted with their feet and who can blame them? But come December TAT will say best ever year for British tourists, just after the UK says tourists numbers to this place have hit an all time low like last year.


Its all called the brownstuffgame and some live in it up to their necks, can smell it from here.


Its another Far eastern Mystery.

The Inactive Post Hotel?

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Tourist (well supposedly tourists) figures up, however, revenue from tourism well down!

Thailand is attracting the wrong crowds now.

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IF this is true (lol) then Chinese and Indian are all I saw.


So who's getting this vast tourist expenditure?????

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