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BANGKOK 18 October 2018 00:02
Happy Grumpy

St. Joseph's School Rayong. Anybody got kids going there?

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They have an AEL, which is a fancy name for an EP.


The website isn't much good. Just says 18,000thb per term on top of the standard school fees.


Rang up the listed contact person to simply find out around how much their standard school fees are. Just got asked around 100 questions, then that she will call me back.


Rang back, more questions, then that the school director will call me back.


All I wanted was a simple answer to 'What's the total cost per term including the standard school fees'


Director rang me, I got asked another 100 questions, then when she knew my cousin's pet cat's maiden name, I got told they'd ring me back.


Nothing yet.



Has anyone got any kids going there? Either in the AEL (EP) or Thai program, thanks. 

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Hopefully you'll get more precise info from other members, but ..... my Thai brother-in-law's son goes there (for about 5 years so far I think). I remember my b-i-l mentioning the fees upon first admission included some hefty "additional fees" which do not appear on paper/website. It was considered part of the "normal procedure" for admission (screening process). It's probably one of the reasons they won't give you a straight answer over the phone. It's likely you'll have to go and discuss it with them personally. 



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Thanks for the info. 


One of the not so pleasant facets of living in Thailand. 


If anybody else has experience of St. Joseph's, please let me know. Thanks. 

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