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Car radio message

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I have a 7" car radio in my car (Radio/TV/DVD/USB/Card/Front and rear Camera/Bluetooth/Etc.).
This radio is Android based.

Everything was working fine.
But recently I wanted to try to play a few new video's I downloaded from Youtube, and the car radio only play'd the Music.
The video part showed a message "You can not use this feature when you are driving".
I tried to stop the car and play the video without the engine running, but it still kept showing this message.

The last time I used the car radio to view videos, it showed the message a few seconds and then switched to normal screen.

I didn't change any settings since that time.

Does anybody know how to get the normal display back?

The "Manual" does not provide help in any way.





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20 minutes ago, Daffy D said:

On our car it's connected to the handbrake position.



Yup, ours too.


Possibly the switch has failed, you can get the interlock disabled by someone who knows.


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