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That line translator is a good game. Write in either language and it comes back translated!  I put in มีก็มี and it replied 'had' . The context was having had a child. 

เอาการเอางาน wasn't translated, but the definition ตั้งใจทำการงานด้วยความขยันขันขันแช็ง was : to do with the hard working. Which describes the way that a task is done which, in context would do I suppose. 

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What I like about แปลเสียงไทย  is that it is voiced.  I have had a lot of fun practicing my accent/tones.  I'd still love to find a voiced translator app for the iphone to show my friend. 

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I had intercourse (pre Carry On films meaning) with my friend EN-TH this morning. I was looking for the meaning of ล้มลุก (fall rise) defind as (น. พืชที่ปลูกมีอายุ่ชั่วคราวชั่วฤดูหนึ่ง) because I wondered why nobody had commented on my translating it as 'perrennial' on T-L.com. 

I think that it illustrates how useful translators are and why I prefer dictionaries especially the RID. 


I am not clever enough to transfer the screenshots to the iPad so I will transcribe it here. 

 Me ลม้ลุก ? 

Him ล้มลุก 

Me annual? 

Him รายจ่ายประจำปีงบประมาณ

Me ปีละ?

Him  per year

Me ล้มลุกชนิด ?

Him ล้มลุก of 

Me พรรณไม้ล้มลุกชนิด? 

Him rambling herbaceous plant type 

Then I thought that I would try 

Me ปรุงรส?

He seasoning, flavouring

Me season? 

Him season

Me ฤดู? 

Him the

Me ใช้ปรุงอาหาร? 

Him cooking

Me ! 

He didn't reply. 






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