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Thai English Translator App

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That line translator is a good game. Write in either language and it comes back translated!  I put in มีก็มี and it replied 'had' . The context was having had a child. 

เอาการเอางาน wasn't translated, but the definition ตั้งใจทำการงานด้วยความขยันขันขันแช็ง was : to do with the hard working. Which describes the way that a task is done which, in context would do I suppose. 

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What I like about แปลเสียงไทย  is that it is voiced.  I have had a lot of fun practicing my accent/tones.  I'd still love to find a voiced translator app for the iphone to show my friend. 

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I had intercourse (pre Carry On films meaning) with my friend EN-TH this morning. I was looking for the meaning of ล้มลุก (fall rise) defind as (น. พืชที่ปลูกมีอายุ่ชั่วคราวชั่วฤดูหนึ่ง) because I wondered why nobody had commented on my translating it as 'perrennial' on T-L.com. 

I think that it illustrates how useful translators are and why I prefer dictionaries especially the RID. 


I am not clever enough to transfer the screenshots to the iPad so I will transcribe it here. 

 Me ลม้ลุก ? 

Him ล้มลุก 

Me annual? 

Him รายจ่ายประจำปีงบประมาณ

Me ปีละ?

Him  per year

Me ล้มลุกชนิด ?

Him ล้มลุก of 

Me พรรณไม้ล้มลุกชนิด? 

Him rambling herbaceous plant type 

Then I thought that I would try 

Me ปรุงรส?

He seasoning, flavouring

Me season? 

Him season

Me ฤดู? 

Him the

Me ใช้ปรุงอาหาร? 

Him cooking

Me ! 

He didn't reply. 






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On 9/21/2017 at 6:32 PM, Lancelot01 said:

Line has an EN - TH translator. 

You type in English and it does a simultaneous written translation in Thai.

Conversely, your gf can type in Thai language and you will receive an instant translation in English.


I tried the LINE Translator for English and Thai a while back...


As best as I could tell, unless I was missing something, it would accept English language words OK, but then when you ask to translate those into Thai, it would only produce the corresponding Thai word in Thai script characters. No Romanized English letter spelling, and no audio speaking of the Thai word.


So unless the English speaker can read Thai script, it seems pretty useless for a farang.


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