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Shooting and kicking at gas station: mum tries to buy off parent with 10,000 baht

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Shooting and kicking at gas station: mum tries to buy off parent with 10,000 baht



Picture: Manager Online


BANGKOK: -- The mother of one of the thugs who attacked two teens at a Bang Plat gas station tried to buy off a father with 10,000 baht.


But the dad said "no way" would he not take the money to drop charges.


Yesterday, a lawyer acting on behalf of the two 18 year olds - Thong and Guy - went to Bang Plat police to add to the assault charges already made. Following CCTV that showed at least one shot was fired he has asked that the 7 or 8 men involved be charged with attempted murder.


Lawyer Kertphon Kaewkert said police know the identity of the thugs. An arrest warrant is expected presently.


Bunrit Sutwan, 37, the father of Thong said that the mother of one of the assailants had approached him after the incident to offer him about 10,000 baht to drop the case and pay for the injuries.


"She said when her son arrived home she didn't have a clue that he had done anything.


"When I saw the clip I couldn't drop the charges. It could happen again. They could easily have killed my son. I wont drop it - no way".


Both Thong - who was not actually working at the gas station, just visiting his mate - and Guy spoke of how they were attacked and repeatedly kicked in the head. Guy said a shot was fired at least once as he attempted to flee causing him to stop and be kicked in the face 5 or six times outside a 7/11.


He was then dragged back and claimed the thugs tried to force him into a vehicle only to be stopped by another person. The gang then fled.


Manager did not report as to how the incident began though yesterday it was reported as a case of an attendant overfilling a bike tank spilling some gas, notes Thaivisa.


Source: Manager Online

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-09-21

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BANGKOK 19 March 2018 00:30