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Thai TV dramas with transcript Thai subs

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I've waited years for this but I still can't find any TV series (on YouTube etc) that has transcription Thai subs. That is, Thai subs that are an exact transcription of the spoken dialogue.


There are loads of Eng subtitles for Thai dramas, but it would be more useful for a Thai language learner to have Thai subs.


Anyone aware of any for any Thai TV drama series? Anyone have a native Thai friend who is one of those devoted Eng subbers and can persuade them to carry out the easier task of putting up Thai subs?


My Thai stalled three years ago. I want to get learning again. Thanks.

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Sorry, I have not seen Thai movies on YouTube with Thai subtitles. 


American Antonio Graceffo speaks Thai, Chinese, Khmer, Vietnamese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and English.  He says to watch American movies that have been dubbed in the  target language with target language subtitles, Thai in this case.   "Reading real German books or watching real German TV would require knowledge of the culture, history, and geography. By using American movies and books, I knew who the bad guy was without anyone telling me. In German I wouldn’t have a clue."  https://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2008/10/15/an-israeli-shift-towards-withdrawal-2/3/


GLOSS offers Thai audio with  transcripts. (Click the blue floppy disk.)  


I'm starting to learn Thai and I will watch YouTube channels, like NJ Digital, designed for Thais trying to learn English.  It is easy to understand the topic, most of the dialogue is in Thai, and there are occasionally Thai subtitles.  


If interested in ALG (Automatic Language Growth), the Aleph-Tav channel has a few lengthy videos, over three hours, no subtitles of course.  Search: "ALG Learn Thai".

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