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Retirement dreams on Chiang Mai "Hi-So Hill" shattered as foreigner pensioners conned into buying forestry land

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Retirement dreams on Chiang Mai "Hi-So Hill" shattered as foreigner pensioners conned into buying forestry land



Picture: Manager Online


CHIANG MAI: -- The enticing advertisement online promised a dream: quiet retirement in the beautiful hills of Chiang Mai.


Many foreigners thought this was what they deserved after a life of saving so they eagerly signed up to buy houses in the luxurious, quality development.


Now they are left with illegal properties that they can't sell and their dreams are over.


At the weekend four foreigners complained they had been swindled out of 38 million baht by a Thai online. A further 6 million baht has gone missing in various transfers.


Documents such as deeds all seemed above board when they responded to the enticing advertisement but as Cholathit Suratwadee informed them at the weekend, they have been conned into buying forestry land that is protected.


The group of foreigners and others found out last June that they had been ripped off. Now the reality is really sinking in as they face losing everything.


And they want to make sure that others do not get similarly ripped off.


Forestry chief Cholathit said that now they have been duped their only recourse was to go to the police.


The development encroached on forestry land in the Mae Tha Chang and Mae Khanin areas in beautiful Hang Dong district of Chiang Mai.


Manager online said the area was known as "High Society Hill".


The foreigners were not named and manager did not report if they were able to live in the area in the meantime.


Cholathit said that this was just one of 100 encroachment cases in Chiang Mai that are being followed up.


Source: Manager Online

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-09-25
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