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Thai man shoots love rival dead with a crossbow

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Thai man shoots love rival dead with a crossbow



Picture: Workpoint News


A Thai man - furious that another man was carrying on with his young wife - shot his rival with a dart from a crossbow as he opened the door.


Then as the victim slumped to the floor he fired a second time into his chest.


Treepong Butsopha, 29, of Buriram was killed on Monday evening by his work colleague Samai Krungkhunthot, 52, from Chaiyaphum.


The two men worked at the same factory.


Workpoint News reported that Chonburi police led Samai to some apartment rooms yesterday for a reenactment of the crime.


In tears Samai said that Treepong started sleeping with his 25 year old wife about a year ago.


He said he found out and ordered the pair to get out of his sight.


But they came back to share rooms in the same apartment building he was living in.


This was too much for him to take.


He got his wife's family to take her away but said that Treepong was still in contact with her.


So he called at his room armed with the crossbow and shot him twice.


Friends came and wrested the weapon from his arms.


Police have charged him with murder.


Source: Workpoint News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-10-04


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8 minutes ago, Formaleins said:

The Thai version of William Tell...

With a 'farang' fruit on his head !!!!!!!!


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