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BANGKOK 17 December 2018 08:24
Jonathan Fairfield

This has to be seen to be believed: Wish you were here - you could help us pick up the trash on the beach....

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Wish you were here - you could help us pick up the trash on the beach....



Image: Sophon Cable


Every picture tells a story. This one comes from Jomtien beach in Pattaya where two foreign men are doing a spot of sunbathing.


They have found a spot on the beach to get some rays but are surrounded by great piles of trash.


Sophon Cable TV reported Monday that the recent heavy rains had made the trash on the beach situation in Pattaya much worse.


Operators confirmed the image saying it was the worst they had ever seen it.


Trash from the city after heavy rains had poured into the sea and then been blown back to shore competing with the tourists for space on the beach.


Sophon said there were heaps of plastic bottles, plastic bags, driftwood and filthy trash over several hundred meters of beach.


The situation from North to South Pattaya was not much better prompting the mayor of the resort Anan Jaroenchasri to order his men to clean up the unsightly mess - again....




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-10-16



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Garbage-strewn scene at Jomtien Beach after floodwater drains out to sea




Several foreigners still sunbathed on Jomtien Beach in Chon Buri province on Monday despite the garbage strewn across many parts of the beach following downpour-induced floods.


“When the floodwater drained out to sea, it brought along garbage. Waves then brought the garbage ashore,” said Santi Thianthong, operator of a beach-bed rental business. Another operator,


Chatwarin Wongthong, said the authorities should help clean up the beach, or else Jomtien’s image would be negatively affected.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30329426


-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-10-16




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The local ampher has people that clean the beach with equipment etc, You see them at the beach sometimes. The photo is probably taken early morning before they have got to that section of beach. I think they need to do it more often and employ more people. Also, they tend to clean at low tide.

I was at Pattaya beach around 2 pm Sunday. Tide coming in. Piles of rubbish. Never seen it so bad. Definitely hadn't been cleaned yet. I usually sympathise with the deck chairs guys but I can't understand why they don't clean up in front of their sites at least. It's not like they are really busy. I wouldn't sit in that but plenty sunbathing in the filth.

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