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BANGKOK 19 December 2018 21:39
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UMI broken down, need a new phone ASAP

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My UMI Super has broken down big time.

After a 1hour 20 min phone conversation with a friend up North yesterday, the phone started to behave erratically; screen mostly not responding, apps open/closing all the time.

I re-started a couple of times but that didn't help and I can't control the phone enough to do a re-boot so I think it's dead, well almost. It's 1.5 years old and had a rough life, I don't treat my phones nicely, LOL.

Anybody know how I can retrieve my notebook folders content?

I am going overseas working off-shore for app 2 month on Friday so I will have to buy a new phone today.

No fixed budget but rather not over 10-12k baht as I don't want/need those top spec phones.

I have my sights on the new Galaxy J7+ despite I swore that I never buy a Samsung again but I need to buy a phone from a shop and not on-line considered my very limited time.

Apparently the 7+ have good camera(s) but it so new that not many have really tested it yet and app 12k baht is okay.

Any other phone I should check? 5.5" display, good camera(s), below 15k baht, Android 7.0?


Thanks for inputs

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Okay I bought the Galaxy J7+ for 12k + original screen protector for 290 baht.


I had the UMI at a small phone repair shop and the lady there thinks the screen is gone, likely because I was on the phone for +1 hour and sweating.


Initial impressions on the J7+ are very good but not excellent. 


Finger print scanner is really good compared to UMI that was a hit or miss. J7 is on the front, UMI on the back. J7 further has a camera face scanner that also works fine.


J7+ is charged with mini USB which is disappointing, UMI= USB C, that is really fast, battery is only 3000mAh in the 7+, UMI is 4000, hmm.  


Got an update on J7+ as soon as I got home, 7.1.1, was 7.0 when I bought it.


J7+ is smaller/lighter than UMI despite same size 5.5" screen, screen quality is about the same, both are full HD but Sammy has Amoled screen.


Cameras: Better on 7+ than UMI by far but not too impressed but okay I am an amateur photographer so I am very demanding in that regard. You can set DOF and get some Bokeh and you can even do that after you taken the photo, pretty cool. I took some photos this evening and the photos was okayish but not something you will print in large prints, LOL. Not really any control of the rear/front cameras which I am disappointed about, I hope I can find an app that will let me take more control over the camera.

The 4GB ram makes the phone very quick for my needs but it's still only a mid range phone so don't expect it can play the most demanding games flawless.

Nice looking phone, I got it in black, fells like quality.


I give it 4 stars out of 5 for what it is, a mid range phone.

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