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BANGKOK 17 October 2018 03:34

What's up with the lies?!

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I remember when i first met my SO - and no it wasn't a "business" meeting - she would always tell me these stories of things that she'd done/experienced/seen...mostly normal everyday things. Then later i would find out it wasn't true. But i couldn't get it...still don't...why she would make up things with no real purpose. I mean, people lie for a reason - whatever the reason might be - but there was just no reason for the stories she would tell me...it wasn't to impress because there wasn't anything impressing about the story... she was obviously not trying to impress. It wasn't to hide anything. It wasn't to gain anything. They were just mundane stories that you would never think weren't true because you would have absolutely no reason to think so. It was just making up stuff just for the sake of making up stuff. Absolutely no purposed. And then when i confronted her, she would just laugh it off as if it was so silly that i would even bring it up.

Now obviously it didn't stop at those little lies...there were much bigger ones too.


Anyway, never thought much of it... until a friend of mine recently told me about how his Thai wife would always lie so much that he doesn't believe anything she says...at least right away. I'm wondering if this is a common thing among Thai women/people. Is it normal...part of culture perhaps?

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2 hours ago, MaeJoMTB said:

Never listen to women, never confront women (Nationality and race not important).

Makes life so much  easier.


I've never met a woman that says anything I wanted to hear.

(apart from 'yes' now and again to keep it legal in some countries)

:shock1:  :laugh:  :laugh:  Thankyou captain scarlet.

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My wife will lie to her Mum, just to avoid confrontation or worrying her. Nothing drastic, more bending the truth to suit the situation. Example, we had work done on her old pick up, cost 54k but she told her Mum 42k just to stop her stressing :)


Does she lie to me ? Maybe, again for the same reasons probably. Am I bothered, not at all as long as she's there when I get home :)

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There are as many different personalities as there are people.

My question is...what is an "SO"? 

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8 minutes ago, Pungdo said:

My wife couldn't lie straight in bed, she tells me so many lies, that I can't tell what is true and what is a lie, mostly about money I might add.

She hit me up last week for money to pay Land Taxes on her properties upcountry, I told her that I wouldn't give her anything until she told me exactly to the satang just how much it was, so she supposedly caught the bus up there and rang me the next morning to tell me how much, later that day she sent me a hand written receipt without anything official looking about it for that amount, looks like she wrote it out herself and she was back home that night.

I now suspect that she never even went upcountry at all as she has never been up there and back that quickly, around 30 hours, normally a 12 hour trip both ways and gone the best part of 2 days, but I can't shake her off her story which I normally can do.

Sounds like my wife, but I'm not daft enough to pay her 'land taxes'.

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... would love to see a compilation of standard lies heard, again and again:



often heard at the temple, when the monk wants people to come together to get some work done:

from all the thai men there it's all the same:

"I busy",

or after finding out what day is required, then it will be that day plus a few either side, when the man cannot help.


But, because a thai cannot simply lie, with a straight, honest 'No',

there's always the decoy: - 'but 2 weeks later I would have been free'


It's sad when the Monk simply replies 'that in any 24hours you cannot always busy, as you have to sleep... sometime!'


and then the falangs, and the vietnam neighbour, step in to do the job


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