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Thailand or Philippines? Who has been to both?

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So I am impressed by the prospects of  the physical qualities  of Thai ladies compared to American women... I have spend a couple months or more in Thailand over 3 trips the past 18 months.

I am considering retirement or maybe splitting time in both countries. 

I am wondering if I should take a trip to the Philippines to see which place I might like more. I'm not a drug user so the big drug crackdown isn't to much of an issue. 

I care about nice clean beaches and oceans.  I hope to enjoy scuba diving, sailing and hiking,  biking.  And of course a nice lovely dark haired lady.

I realize that if a gal was married  in the Philippines she can never get a divorce so I guess that means she can never get a fiance visa to USA? 

I don't like religions but many buddists are not real fanatics and my lack of belief doesn't bother them. I imagine this is the same for many catholics.  My ex went to  catholic  school but we  never attended church.   

T^his isn't a thread about which gals are better looking as I am sure there are many in all SE asian countries for me.  I am looking for guys who have personal experience in visiting both countries for more than a month. 

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My question is what are the pros and cons of retirement in each country? and why?

 Of course I would go visit any country many times including  taking a 4-6 month or longer look before I would consider a official move to  retire there. But so far I have only looking in Thailand and I wonder if I should expand my search to the Philippines. 

I was hoping to get more factual specifics than just stinks.. NYC and LA and Thailand stink compared to fresh mountain air of UTAH.

I do hear the food is not as healthy or tasty in the Philippines.


This may just be a Toyota vs Honda type preference for many.   I've read where some men think gals from certain Asian countries are better looking but I don't believe it is proper to make such generalizations. 


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2 hours ago, KittenKong said:

If you want to talk to people then the RP is a much better bet than Thailand. Filipinos basically think almost the same way as westerners do, and English is their second (or sometimes first) language. This is why so many of them work in hospitals, hotels etc abroad. Thais on the other hand are almost completely alien in the way they think, and generally their command of English is poor.


However if talking is not high on your list of priorities then Thailand has better infrastructure (largely due to the great number of natural disasters that occur often in the RP: earthquakes, floods, hurricanes).


Both nationalities suffer from what is to me an insane obsession with religion, though Thailand has the edge on that.


Local food in the RP is often quite bland, with some exceptions, but Filipinos embrace foreign things more readily.


Apart from that it's a question of swings and roundabouts, with some things being better there than here, and vice versa. The same applies to prices. You will pay much less for beer (for example) there but more for some other things, so the bottom line may well be the same depending on how you live.

Try both and make up your own mind.

Technically speaking Phils gets typhoons, not hurricanes.

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Please also do not post in caps, thank you 

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