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Dutch pedophile arrested in Hua Hin: further details emerge

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Dutch pedophile arrested in Hua Hin: further details emerge



Picture: INN


A pedophile from the Netherlands has a YouTube channel promoting the playing of church organs, it has emerged.


Reinold Klunder was arrested on Monday and admitted to being a pedophile. A ten year old boy was found at his home.


He is believed to have invited boys under 15 to his home and engaged in sex after pool sessions. He then shared videos of him having sex with other pedophiles.


Police acting on a tip from Dutch authorities had investigated Klunder, a businessman in real estate, and obtained a search warrant for his Hua Hin home. He is also known as a musician.


A Youtube channel is run by a man called Reinold Klunder.


On the page it says: “Welcome to my channel. All my life I play churchorgan (sic)”.


After talking about church music he says that he is able to play at home using something called “Hauptwerk” (a computer program for organ music).


The YouTube site also includes adverts for Hua Hin pool villas.


Ominously the post on YouTube closes with:


“Greetings from Thailand”.


Reinhold Klunder is now in police custody in the seaside resort 220 kilometers south of Bangkok.


Many computers and tablets were found at his home.


A neighbor who didn’t want to be identified told Thaivisa how young Thai boys were frequently seen entering Klunder’s house.


“Other neighbours had concerns about him(Klunder)”.


“Boys were often seen at his house, different boys coming and going all the time.


“I was told he was a private music teacher and that he gave free lessons to the kids.


“I thought he was a good guy. It makes me feel sick that somone was abusing kids so close to where I live”.

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-11-07


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Have a look at his Facebook page. Although you cant see the friends list you can click on the names of the people that liked  his posts. You will find some  dodgy characters there...


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Played the Church organ.... sounds like the proverbial Priest and the Choir boy he caught by the organ!!!

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Thailand has enough of a problem dealing with its own homegrown paedophiles - the last thing they need is farangs adding their disgusting impulses to the mix.

When will action be taken?

Story after story after story in which these filthy perverts from North America, Europe and the Antipodes are caught after ruining any number of children's lives.


It really is time to get ahead of the curve and implement racial profiling

The stats tell you everything you want to know - the farang paedos are the biggest offenders after the local ones.

Subject every white male entering this country to a screen against an international database of sex offenders.


It might not catch them all but certainly, those who've offended in their countries will be turned right back around and deported at their own expense to answer questions from law enforcement in their country.



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It`s filth like this that are infesting Thailand which makes us all appear suspect. I cannot describe in words how much I hate this scum, like a cancer that should be eliminated from society.

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