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BANGKOK 11 December 2018 22:41

Disrespectful words by gf

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Hi everyone,


I am an expat and I have a Thai (isaan) girlfriend who I know for a year and half now.


I just found out that she was talking to many men on WhatsApp Call and when I asked her about it she said why can’t she talk to other men as friends? I said fair enough but she doesn’t tell me what she talks about and why talk late in night.


We had a fight the other day about this and she was chatting to her friend and she uses the word “<<<<Thai language removed>>>>”

With my little knowledge of Thai using <<<<Thai language removed>>>> for someone is insulting so I wanted to know is it very insulting or generally used for others if you are close friends? And do you think she is doing right by talking to other men in night I mean am I overreacting here?


any helpful replies will be greatly appreciated.

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3 hours ago, Cynical Sailor said:

She’s saying you’re jealous.

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Thanks for your reply. I knew she was saying I am jealous but is it common to use "มัน" to address a person?

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1 minute ago, Jip99 said:

Has she shagged any of the men she is talking to ?

Has she been talking to you?:cheesy:

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