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BANGKOK 14 November 2018 10:05

Weller Solder Station in BKK?

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For all the other stuff (cable, connectors, copy soldering stations for about nothing, etc.) Yes, a walk around Ban Mo is the best option.

Also see Electronic Source http://www.es.co.th they have an outlet at Ban Mo as well.


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On 11/29/2017 at 2:03 AM, OliverKlozerof said:

'Nuther thing. I googled and it says voltage in Thailand is 220v. But just checked my outlet with a meter and is reads 230v. Do you know which is right?


A little late to come back to post, but last year I bought a VOM with a USB port (Uni-T 71D), plugged it into my desktop computer with a home-made leads wired to a standard plug.  It recorded every 60 seconds for a couple of days- several thousand points.  The voltage varied from 210 to 232 volts, probably when people turned on and off their A/C's and water heaters in my building.


If you're ever in doubt about your own voltage, you can buy a cheap display unit to plug in and give instant readings, or a VOM with a USB port.  Victor 86D is the least expensive I've found on Lazada or AliExpress.  Around $40-50.  The Uni-T 71D is available locally at many Amorn stores, but it's over $100.


Something like this is the cheapest, but I'd go with the recording VOM if I needed to complain to the PEA about low voltage, or if I wanted to see why my appliances get knocked offline at certain times of the day.




Here's the Uni-T:  https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-UNI-T-UT71C-professional-Intelligent-LCD-Digital-MultiMeter-AC-DC-Volt-Ampere-Ohm-Capacitance/32606268013.html

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Regarding a Solder station, a good one and widely used by Pro's in Thailand is the Gordak 952a. That one has both the Solder Iron and also the Hot-Air Solder, the one which could be used for.  replacing etc. Chips with multi solder points etc., etc. , I use that for years already without problems. That product could easily be found at Klong Thom in Bangkok China Town. Those sellers also having Spare Parts and other special products for working with Soldering Stains on Mobile Phones, Electronic Circuits and so on. 


Special Instruments for electronic measurings could also get in the same Area be NPE (Nattapong Electronic). 

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I bought a Hakko temperature controlled soldering iron Hakko FX600 (or 601, not sure) in the shop from the link above. I also bough 3 tips.

I like it very much, and I used a Weller soldering station before.

I use the Hakko for building drones, some small, some bigger and it works fine for 30AWG wire and SMD part and fine for 12AWG wires.


Over the years I bought lots of electronic parts in Ban Mo. And most standard parts are available over there for good prices.


But since I build the drones I bought lots of parts from China online often from banggood.com. They have almost anything with free delivery. Normally I chose registered mail which cost 1.5 USD or something like that. Cheap. Delivery to Bangkok normally about 10-12days.

What I like about buying online is that it is so much easier to find parts. I was looking in Ban Mo i.e. for Silicone Wire (very flexible wire). Probably they have it somewhere but I could not find it anywhere. So I ordered it online. And same with many other parts. Some things are incredible cheap (and good) from China.


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Anybody who buys a new solder iron/station should have a look at this video:





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