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BANGKOK 22 October 2018 11:37

Voice Recognition Issues in Thailand

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Hi guys bit of a tricky one here I think. 

I'm an Australian who is currently retired (53 in case you are wondering)  living in Thailand. The problem I have I had for the last year is with voice dictation/recognition. 
For some reason only when I am in Thailand  the dictation is very flaky reminding me of the early days of the when we had to use the American input (can't remember why).
As an example one of the  problems with this for me it's using the word mate, which rarely comes out correctly and when I start a message it invariably starts with "Hi mate but comes out as Mike Might or something else irrelevant. You can imagine what a problem this is for a Aussie not getting mate right. Unless of course im messaging my mate Mike! When using Google Assistant the recognition works correctly. Also the problem appears to be the same on my desktop PC. There have been some other odd Thai related things but not pertinent at the moment.
I reckon I have messed about with every setting available. I'm imagining it is something to do with my location as I'm not changing any settings. But clearly turning this off is not an option. How else would I know where I've been on a big night out! 
I was going to call Android support hotline but strangely I can't find the number! 
Anyway it's driving me crazy!!!
Also at the risk of sounding rude throwing ideas that you think it could be that aren't really deep dives is probably a waste of time as I know my way around Android and Chrome (Rooting flashing ROMs etc) so have tried the obvious stuff. Im really hoping to find someone who has had the problem and solved it.
Cheers Kanga 

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