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BANGKOK 17 December 2018 07:30

ANDROID 7.1.1 limiting number of open "TABS"

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I have android 7.1.1 on my Nexus 6 , it seems to limit the number of open "tabs" to about 5  or so open at one time

is there a way to change that to 10-20 "tabs" or unlimited ?
and only delete them when I do it myself , not random like it is now !


on another android phone with 5.1 I can have all the tabs I want ....ummm
UPDATE:  I am calling pages you can see when you push the SQUARE box icon on the bottom of the screen as "TABS"
maybe that is not the correct name ......


When I am looking something up , and come back to it later in the day its often missing, GRRRRRRRR


Any help appreciated


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