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When exactly will Britain leave the EU? UK parliament debates

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22 hours ago, baansgr said:

I remember the days of the French Franc, Lire and Drachma.... Hopefully not too long befor we see them again, was really fun traveling seeing and learning different cultures rather than just a mish mash of blandness....

I don't recall the introduction of the Euro also heralding a European-wide cultural homogenisation. If you need to rely upon a piece of paper in your pocket to instruct you with regards to the cultural references that should should be experiencing then I would suggest that foreign travel is not your forte. 

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3 hours ago, Grouse said:

I have real doubts that you are a genuine contributor on this forum.

Another baiting comment without relevance when a fact is introduced that EU companies are still investiing in the UK regsrdless of leaving in only 18 months

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