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Thailand on Track to End Military Rule in November 2018 Election

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22 hours ago, webfact said:

Thailand on Track to End Military Rule in November 2018 Election

This headline is sadly false in the most narrow sense.

Whether that's deliberate by the authors or just ignorance, I expected more accuracy from anything published under the Bloomberg banner.


Fact: The NCPO (aka "the military") remains in power under the 2017 Constitution until the elected government is "installed," ie., royally endorsed. As a minimum that would be a month after the Election Commission certifies election results - another month (?

Until then Chief of the NCPO Prayut wields absolute power, ie., to arrest and confine anyone without a warrant, has the right to reject any Cabinet nominees, and the constitutional right (by my interpretation) to defer election results indefinitely if he has a perception of potential "national conflict."


As others have pointed out, since 1932 the military has never been out of power - only on occasion just out of plain sight.



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