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BANGKOK 21 November 2018 20:39

The days of skinny Thais are over - Thai women named second fattest in Asia

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20 minutes ago, futsukayoi said:

Genes don't make you fat  (despite any potential).  You only get fat by eating more than you burn off through exercise and lifestyle.

Tell me again if she would look like her mum as she ages from the middle age point.


Those ladies would tell you, they would get fat just by smelling the food.


Fat from smelling food


Fat genes

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1 hour ago, NCC1701A said:

my new girlfriend works out every day, has abs, weights 100 pounds and is smart as hell. she knows a lot about proper nutrition.


her mother has diabetes and refuses to change her eating habits.


her younger sister is super fat. she showed me a photo of her from just five years ago when she was thin.



i could almost mirror your post with my girl. our girls must be different.:smile:

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