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BANGKOK 19 December 2018 18:30

Tick Bite on Cat

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The new kitty been thriving and putting on weight but earlier this week was very subdued, wouldn't eat and went up stairs in the warm for the day.

I checked him out for pain a couple of times and the second search I found a large tick on his back.

I removed it and he livened up almost immediately, the tick had no blood in it so it had not fed, probably due to e-cat being halfway through his first Frontline course but this morning I found a weepy sore in the bite place so dabbed a bit of Betadine on it and it looks a lot better now.

I don't really want to traumatise him with a trip to the vet so should that be sufficient for now?


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If a big tick I would be wary regardless of the Frontline. Being big, you would assume it is an adult. Which means it has had 3 or so hosts before your cat (as ticks like a different host per stage of life). Just remember to check the cats blood every 6 months here in Thai. 

Hopefully the sore is just a reaction to the tick saliva. Would watch the cat extremely closely for symptoms though. Try not to look at taking it to the vet as traumatising it. Try and look at is as desensitising it for when it really does need to go. 

For example, ASPCA Animal Behaviour Center recommend taking a cat to the vet once or twice a week, not to be checked, but to get it used to going. We take our new puppy every month to get his spot on purely for the socialisation aspect. 

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I took him to the vet this morning, just a little bit of infection around the bite.

He was fine at the vet, I even bought a new carry cage and he was perfectly happy... until he got the thermometer shoved up his....


Made my eyes water just to watch it.

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