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BANGKOK 14 December 2018 22:22
Our Man in the Tropics

Wisebook W803T 8" Tablet ; Intel Processor & Windows OS ; Reviews appreciated ; Youtube has only Thai language reviews

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I am interested in Wisebook W803T 8" Tablet.


It has :


Intel Atom Processor


Microsoft Windows Operating System


Microsoft Office Applications


Micro SIM Card Slot ;

It does not have phoning facility ;

So, can it obtain 3G internet although it is advertised as Wi-Fi & Bluetooth ?


Unfortunately for me the only reviews on Youtube.com are in Thai language ;

A language which I have only nik-noi competence.


So, here is hoping for helpful reviews from owners & / or techies.




Our Man in the Tropics

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I can also only find Thai reviews, one site was 3.4 stars voted by 175 people so not super good.

I think the price is about 4000 and up depending on specs.

You normally get what you pay for it.

Do get something with min Full HD, my 10" lenovo tablet has 2k screen and is crisp sharp.

Okay that baby can't be had here but had to get it from Amazon.

I also think Android OP is better for tablets than Windows.

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Computer expert friend available to me just for imparting of knowledge as from an eastern sage states :


Smartphone & Mobiles ; Android ==> ARM Micro-Processor is OK

Tablet ; Windows ==> Intel Micro-Processor is BETTER


I can get this Tablet for THB 1300

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Well it got 1gb of ram and a resolution of 1200 x 800 so a below average screen resolution.

Yes I saw they dropped the price down from 4000 to below 1300, likely to try clear stock.

I would stay away if I was you.

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