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Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

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1 hour ago, halloween said:

When their "representation" danced to the tune of a corrupt fugitive criminal in return for a fat monthly payment, their influence must have been huge.

Hal, how would you handle the situation and still stay in power?

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1 hour ago, blackcab said:

Nearly 6 million people below the poverty line but how many Myanmar people work on construction sites in Bangkok?


I know Thai people that pay about 12k a month, plus food, plus decent free live in accomodation for their Laos gardeners. They go through all the hassle and expense of getting them a work permit because there are no Thai people willing to do the job.


I do think a significant percentage of those people in poverty could find work if they chose to.

 Yes, I get most annoyed at the children,, (at least 50% of the poor are children), the lazy little buggers.  I'll bet blackcab had a job, attended school and walked both  ways uphill to it, . Have you ever been out of your hiso neighbourhood?  12k, meals and decent accomadation? TEFL teachers would give their right arm for a job like that.

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