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Concert/Tenor Ukulele

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I'm sure a few members can point me in the right direction.  Seeking a concert/tenor uke.  I'm willing to spend a few baht, but probably can't go really high-end.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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I was in the same predicament a few months ago. All the ukuleles for sale in CM are basically toys for children, and no concert or tenor ukuleles anywhere. I finally found a good American brand tenor ukulele on Lazada from a Bangkok based vendor with models from medium to high-end. Sounds great, however when it arrived it did not have the octave lower G string as it should have, so I had to buy a set of tenor uke strings and restring it.

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This advert is on the Chiang Mai Music Gear and Second Hand Chiang Mai websites

Risa Solid Body Ukulele
Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Risa “Les Paul” High-end Solid Body Tenor Electric Ukulele

 Scale length: Tenor 432 mm
 Finish: Cherry Sunburst gloss
 Body: solid mahogany with archtop
 Neck: solid mahogany with block inlays
 Bindings: cream binding around body and neck
 Pickups: 2 handmade RISA humbuckers
 Electronics: 3-way-switch for pickup selection (neck, bridge & both)
 2 tone and 2 volume knobs to control the pickups individually
 Standard ukulele tuning: (Low) G - C - E – A
 Adjustable bridge / saddle
 Comes with fitted hard case

Originally bought from Southern Ukulele in the UK - This instrument is 5 years old and has been well maintained and cared for and is in excellent condition.

Can be viewed and played (recommended).

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