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Fierce clash leaves four suspected drug traffickers dead in Chiang Mai

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7 minutes ago, Ruffian Dick said:

Oh please, give me a freaking break!!! :shock1:

Well then kindly assume your initial post no 15, if you cannot cope ...and no need to respond as you earned a one way ticket on my "freaking" ignore list. bye.

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On 12/7/2017 at 10:35 AM, Coconutman said:

Or the southwest part of america

Not many countries left where there is not some sort of smuggling going on across borders, that involves large amounts of money and guns to protect that "investment".


23 hours ago, Nicebus said:

Ummm alcohol and cigs are actually legal ...no matter the harm they cause

Exactly this illogical thinking that perpetuates the the war on drugs.  It makes most people feel safe knowing they, the government, are stopping us from hurting ourselves with dangerous substances.... 555

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It is amazing how a group of pre-warned professional soldiers can not arrest a group of civilians in a simple operation as outlined in this story !


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