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Aussie couple's holiday from hell after motorbike crash in Phuket

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Canberra couple's holiday from hell after motorbike crash in Thailand

Sherryn Groch



Canberra couple Sam William and Shani Bourne were badly injured in a crash in Thailand. Photo: Supplied


A surprise birthday getaway has turned into a "nightmare" for a Canberra couple badly injured in a crash in Thailand on Monday.


Shani Bourne and Sam William were driving through Patong on a hired scooter when a car swerved towards them. As they veered to avoid it, they collided with a parked truck.


Ms Bourne, 25, was rushed to hospital with a fractured pelvis, a broken nose and several facial injuries as well as a brain bleed, while Mr Williams, 25, suffered a broken arm.


Full story: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/canberra-couples-holiday-from-hell-after-motorbike-crash-in-thailand-20171207-h00l2r.html


-- The Canberra Times 2017-12-07

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Insurance probably denied as a motorcycle was used.

Insurance companies should really make a point of highlighting this to future travelers here, but, as people would refuse to buy the policy, or go to a different company that may cover it,  I very much doubt they will. 

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2 minutes ago, steelepulse said:

In most countries, a business will not rent to a car or motorbike if you don't have a license.  That would have saved this couple if the law would have been followed and a valid license had to be shown.


Correct ... a real hire business like Hertz, Avis, Budget, etc will not hire with out a valid DL and a valid credit card to cover any deposit. These cowboys on the street just want your money and sign contract where you pay for a new bike or all damages on a car.  I've given up with these independents who tell you full insurance but when I get wife to really read the contract then it is far from full insurance .... I walk away.  

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Here we go again- cue crowdfunding, 'Toylend' is Sh1t', etc, ad nauseam. I sense a 'manbun' may be involved as well but difficult to tell from this angle.

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19 minutes ago, Blue Muton said:

What law is that (I genuinely don't know whether or not there is a law in Thailand that prohibits hiring a motorcycle to a customer with no valid licence)?

Do you not agree that the guy ought to have taken some responsibility himself? I'm pretty sure there is a law requiring a valid licence to ride a motorcycle. I also know that many Thais break that law, but when they come unstuck they don't set up crowdfunding accounts to bail them out.

It's the 'but I'm on holiday so the usual commonsense rules and laws don't apply' defence. :post-4641-1156694572:

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