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BANGKOK 18 November 2018 06:15

Rescuing boys from Thailand's northern sex trade

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On 12/14/2017 at 11:35 AM, simoh1490 said:

Once again, prostitution is the worlds oldest profession and authorities in every country have been trying to manage it, mostly unsuccessfully. To think that the problem has simply evaporated and/ort that nobody is taking the place of the ones who grew up is naive at best.

I dont think thats its being naive at all .

In previous times , bars were paying off the police and therefore the clients received some sort of protection , the police turned a blind eye to anything that went on .

   Those days have gone , so theres no protection from the police .

Also, these days , Western Countries also prosecute people for crimes committed abroad .

Previously people could do as they wanted with impunity , these days , if they get caught , they will be in big trouble in Thailand and also when they get back home .

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My impression is that CM alredy been cleaned up. This is a bigger problem in Pattaya and Bangkok. I remember I visited CM back in 2009 , and was shocked , just like Russel to see old men with young boys, walking around in the bar area next to D2. Also old men and young girls , underage all of them.

I am happy to hear that the work she and other volunteers did have helped.

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