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BANGKOK 13 December 2018 21:44

Net Idol arrested for e-cigarette faces 5 years saying police treatment "over the top"

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Net Idol arrested for e-cigarette faces 5 years saying police treatment "over the top"



Picture: Siam News


A well known internet celebrity who was arrested in Pattaya at a checkpoint when an e-cigarette and vaping liquid were found has said her treatment at the hands of the local cops was over the top.


Manutsaya Yaowarat - otherwise known as Fluksri Maneedeng - went on social media after she was filmed being dragged to the cells.


It was confirmed that she had just one e-cigarette and one vial of liquid in her possession. No other charges have been mentioned.


But a top lawyer said that she could still face 5 years in jail and a fine of four times the value of the vaping equipment and fluid that was found hidden in the console of her car.


Thais have been asking about why the penalty for e-cigarettes is so severe and also commenting on Fluksri's treatment by the cops.


Pattaya station chief Apichai Krobpetch stood his ground saying that the Manutsaya was welcome to make a complaint that would be investigated to provide justice for all sides.


Popular online lawyer Kertphon Kaewket reminded the public that the importation of e-cigarettes and vaping fluid was a serious offence that could land people in jail for ten years and command 500,000 baht fines.


But even possession was serious and could generate a 5 year prison term and from half to four times the value of the goods seized.


It would be pointless to claim that you did not know the law as a defense. Everyone must know the law and it would be assumed that someone caught with an e-cigarette would know that it was illegal to import them and have them in your possession.


The five year term is contained in ordinances related to the concealment, sale, distribution and buying of the merchandise.


The penalties are severe because it comes under sections of the law related to avoiding excise duty. Duty cannot be paid on e-cigarettes because they are illegal so having them in your possession is a crime akin to smuggling.


So anyone even just possessing them - and certainly using them - can be prosecuted and face the heaviest penalties, reported PPTV News on TV and online.


Asked about the treatment of the net idol at the police station he said that the police were entitled to use justifiable force. Whether this was unjustifiable would be a matter for the courts to decide if it came to that.


Source: PPTV News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-12-12
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1 hour ago, thaifan01 said:

Yup, they are illegal. And so is prostitution as well...  :shock1:

more money in prostitution.

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1 hour ago, Get Real said:

The question is how she became a "net idol"? Hillarious! Should be jailed only for that.

and the tatts

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