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BANGKOK 17 November 2018 13:49

Newbie Fishing

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My "experience" fishing is with a bobber, hook and worm or the occasional spinner in small American lakes/ponds. Catching bass with a spinner was always fun because it was more active. I haven't fished in many years but want to take my son out as he's expressed interest. We tried the Eden Fishing Park in Ubon. https://www.edenfishingpark.com/

I asked a staff member to choose some bait for me and we only caught 2 tiny fish in 4 hours.

As far as preparing the bait, does the picture look remotely correct? I had a couple guys near us help me out and this was their method.

What is the purpose of the white foam balls on each hook?

Is it worth even trying in the heat of the day or is morning/evening the best time?

The fishing park has a wide variety of baits you can mix up. Any suggestions on what to mix up? If you have the Thai name, I can read that.

I don't even know what kind of fish they have. Just looking for something of decent size we can actually take home and cook.




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Put a small piece of bread on each hook with the balls. 

Also there is a lake in nong khai just off the main road with some big fish 

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The bait attracts the fish and they instinctively go for the polystyrene balls, never had much luck with that method. I fish small live plaa duk under a float. Find a stretch of river bank that has been reinforced with rocks and has a slow moving current. Fish the live bait a few feet from the bank at a depth just above the rocks. Good for jungle perch and snakehead.

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Just one remark, i doubt you can take decent size fish back home (unless tilapia). Normally fishingparks want to keep the big fish because that is why people come here for the fun of catch and release.  (at least in the fishing parks i visit in and around BKK area and Ayuttaya)


I would remove the foam balls as they are usually used for bigger fish who inhale the bait and then a hook with a foam ball is lighter and will be easier inhaled. (personally i just put bread or fake bread on the hooks). For the small fish bread or even worms is much better the bait will attract the fish and then the hookbait will make the catch. 

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fished at eden quite a bit last year bait for the spring was bread crumbs and some of the smelly stuff in the small bottles, but on the hooks we use chicken hearts cut in strips, caught a lot of tilapia/pla nin to 1kg pla sawai pladuc to 2 kg

red tail catfish even one yissok sp, there are some big fish there.. but the red tails are sold to the owner by the thais for 10 baht/kg instead of letting them grow big to have more sport  as roblok says


ubonorthai there is a nice pond out the trakan road with loads of decent ikg pla nin and even pacao and more..


pm  me and i can give you directions but it is sign posted

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