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Myanmar 6.0M Quake Felt in Chiang Mai

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Myanmar 6.0M Quake Felt in Chiang Mai

by CityNews




CityNews – An earthquake in Myanmar last night was felt in Chiang Mai as the 6.0 magnitude shook the region at 1.26am.


The 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck at a shallow depth of just 10km and shook most of Myanmar and neighbouring countries. Aftershocks with a magnitude of 5.3 were felt three more times during the night but luckily no injuries or serious damages to buildings an infrastructure has been reported.


The epicentre was in a remote part of central Myanmar, 40km west of the town of Pyu. Quakes are not uncommon in Myanmar as it sits on the Sagaing Fault, which runs through the centre of the country from north to south.


Full Story: http://www.chiangmaicitylife.com/news/myanmar-6-0m-quake-felt-chiang-mai/

-- © Copyright Chiang City News 2018-1-12

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1:26AM and I'm wondering, is this how I die? Let me set the scene.

I live on the sixth floor of a seven floor condo building. Directly above my room is my rooftop pool. I'd joked to friends when I moved in that if there was an earthquake I might actually die from drowning.

Last night I'd gone to bed at twelve and just felt off. Tossed around but could never get comfortable. I said <deleted> it it and got up and took a pill at one. Figured I had some bad food gurgling in my gut. So I'm sitting on the toilet, my head is sleep deprived foggy and its that total silence that you only get in the city in the deep night hours. Suddenly I start to feel like I'm getting dizzy. Then I notice my bath towel is swaying side to side. But wait! The bottom of the towel is stationary and its the towel bar and the floor under my feet that is moving side to side.

I didn't worry about drowning but for the five or so seconds this went on I'm thinking that dropping in a collapsing building sitting in my bathroom is probably going to hurt. A lot!  And its going to feel really strange with no visual reference.

The Thai Meteorological Department listed it as a ten kilometer deep 5.9 quake from central Burma. The Grandpa Bob Department of Psychoneurosis was on lock down until closing at 3:00AM.

Here's a photo of a piece of sculpture outside the CMU Contemporary Art Gallery that kind of emotes how it felt.



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I certainly felt it at around 01:28.  Watching a late movie and wondered why my chair was moving around.  A long way from the epicentre to Chiang Mai!

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