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On the way to buy Land

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Thank´s for all the usefully Postings. :smile:

Well, i am not in worry about that Land, about the papers (Chanode deed) and also not about  the seller. Everything is serious. About the chanode mark, i will try to let the seller do manage that with the chanode mark, before i (my wife) buy it.  Think that will be the best way. :smile:



Please.....in fact. I think nearly every Farang know about:

1. Foreigner can not own land in Thailand.

2. On the way to buy land under name from Thai wife, Foreigner always have to sign on Land Office, that money for buy land don´t comes from him. Mean, he will never have Right on that Land. 

3. There is no law in Thailand who say that a Thai can´t own land after married with Farang.

And please.......stop this Topic on my Thread....thank you. 


Best Regards


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On 1/13/2018 at 3:54 PM, ramrod711 said:

I don't know if it has changed, but I paid for land for my wife in Saraphi a few years ago. My wife went to the land office with the seller, I went to the gym. My wife called, said I had to go to the land office because they wanted to see me. I was baffled really because the land was going to be in my wife's name and my name was nowhere on any paperwork. I went, the official never looked at me, not once, asked my wife if I was aware that I couldn't own it or have any claim on it. She asked me, I said that I was aware of that and they went ahead with the deal. As an aside, the tax was paid by the seller. Apparently that is traditional. We got a good deal on the land so I asked my wife if we shouldn't pay 50% at least. Her reply was in the negative.

4 years back when my wife bought a house San Sai land office made me write a translation in English on the Thai form notifying me I couldn't own it. Completely pointless as a home loan was issued and repaying during our marriage makes it jointly owned. (Marriage law trumps land law)

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