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Ten pickup drivers charged for ‘hooning’ in Chalong

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Ten pickup drivers charged for ‘hooning’ in Chalong

Eakkapop Thongtub



The 10 drivers, including two women, presented themselves to Chalong Police Station yesterday (Jan 11). Image: Supplied

PHUKET: Ten pickup drivers, including two women, who caused an uproar on the streets of Chalong and online after late-night “hooning” disturbed local residents earlier this week have presented themselves to police to face a slew of charges for the public nuisance.


The 10 drivers presented themselves at Chalong Police Station yesterday (Jan 11), Lt Col Kanan Somrak of Chalong Police told The Phuket News today (Jan 12).


The eight male drivers were named as:


Wittawat Kanakub, 26, from Phuket

Full story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/ten-pickup-drivers-charged-for-hooning-in-chalong-65516.php#BlhK6RDeouVgyDOD.97


-- © Copyright Phuket News 2018-01-13


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In the full report, one of the drivers admits that the incident took place after a 'late new year's party'.


So I guess that had the police been on the ball at the time they could also have had them all up for drunk driving as well.

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1 hour ago, Moonlover said:

Behaving in a loutish way, especially by driving recklessly. (you could have Googled it yourself of course!)

May as well lock up most of the Thai driving age populace then !

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2 hours ago, markaoffy said:


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Australian slang. Burn outs/brake stands. Look at me mentality while cruising around town. :coffee1:

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9 minutes ago, Moonlover said:


I disagree. Having driven and ridden here for 4 years now, I find that most Thai drivers are sensible, patient and reasonably competent at driving. And that despite the lack of formal training.


All countries have their share of idiot drivers and Thailand is no exception to that, but it is grossly unfair to 'tar brush' them all, for the behaviour of the few.


I agree with the sentiment posted, however, Thailands road fatality statistics also paint a damning picture - While there are 'hoons' in any country the general level of competence remains wanting and results directly in accidents and fatalities.


Patience, which seems impressively high given the oppressive road conditions appears to hang by a thread and is perhaps something else entirely such as the avoidance of confrontation for fear of the consequences (violence). 


I agree that the generalization is unfair - but the average is brought down significantly by the scores of the untrained, the idiotic and the moronic... and then we have the hoons !





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Slightly more on topic, I live in Chalong and the noise from the nocturnal boy racers has increased greatly of late. The big bikes with the straight though exhausts are the worst, and at times they make it impossible to talk when sitting outside. I hope these guys get suitable censure for their shenanigans. I would like to see more action taken about the modified bikes.

Initial reports described these pickups as being involved in drift racing. Hooning, or whatever it's called elsewhere, is a much more appropriate term.

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