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Anti-Yingluck activists to face prosecutors

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Anti-Yingluck activists to face prosecutors

By The Nation




Prosecutors are set to call in leaders of the now defunct anti-Yingluck-government group, People’s Democratic Reform Committee to decide whether they would be indicted for sedition.


The up to 54 political activists including group leader Suthep Thaugsuban, have been charged by the Department of Special Investigation following their role in the 2014 demonstrations against former PM Yingluck Shinawatra and her government.


Sawad Charoenpol, the group’s lawyer, said the accused are ready to meet the prosecutors as appointed, but whether all of them will show up or not he cannot confirm at this point.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/politics/30336127


-- © Copyright The Nation 2018-01-13
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It's difficult for Suthep to wriggle out of this one as he ordered the civil servants to report to him directly, not to the Yingluk government.. A clear case of sedition one would think.

Abhisit could be involved too, he joined the stage at one point.

The trouble is by the time the case has passed through 3 courts another 10 years will have passed.

Justice reform please!

Wasn't reform one of Suthep's rallying cries?

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23 minutes ago, Bob12345 said:

The junta has nothing to fear as they have amnesty already.

Also history shows they have nothing to fear.


Well, the only thing they do have to fear is the truth (and justice).


If Suthep comes out again and goes into detail how he and the current government worked together and organized these protests to get rid of an elected government, it might get nasty.

Imagine a 3-page interview with Suthep where he gives the details of his meetings with Prayut (and Prayut's bosses) on how to overthrow the government, maybe spiced up with some comments as "hope we get some people on our side killed to make it more serious" (direct reference to the american diplomatic cables from previous protest) and the likes.

 I did mean Justice. Could get quite messy with this sedition charge looming, I would assume someone will be sacrificed before any election takes place

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4 minutes ago, Samui Bodoh said:

I find this to be a fascinating story. I find it fascinating not for it's content, but for the fact not a single post even remotely feels that the story is true or that the people mentioned will actually be prosecuted. Not a single one (at the time of writing).


This story epitomizes why I (and I assume others, but they can speak for themselves) tend to lean in favour of the "Red" side over the "Yellows" side. I think the most important thing to begin with is that it doesn't matter what I think as I don't get a vote or even participate in Thai politics. However, for the sake of argument...


I fully agree with the vast majority of negative views regarding the 'Reds'; they are arrogant, sleazy, duplicitous, power-happy, arrogant, two-faced, arrogant, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. I really can't argue much with any of it; I think it is all basically true. Yet, I still think they are better than the 'Yellows'.




Good question.


The best analogy that I can come up with is to compare Thai politics to a football (soccer) game. The Reds, as a team, take dives all the time, they yell at the Refs, they kick the opposing players in the groin the second that they think they can get away with it, they bitch and whine over every call made against them, they use every last minute detail of the rules to try to seek advantage for their side, they mouth off to their opponents throughout the entire game (and nothing less than the most vulgar, offensive things possible). In short, they are a team that is oh so easy to hate, and to hate with a good reason. And to hate with a passion. But they play inside the rules (barely) because they have to.


The 'Yellows', on the other hand, cheat. They bribe the Ref and/or change the rules to give themselves an advantage when they cannot win cleanly or fairly. They don't work hard to use the rules in their favour; if they are not benefiting from the rules, they change them. If a game is going to go badly, they boycott the game and take their ball home. If they know they will lose, they block the game and say that it never happened. And 'their' Ref agrees with them.


Which is worse? To me, the cheating is worse. 


For all their many, many faults, I prefer those who play the game by the rules over those who change the rules for their benefit.




Read my posts I believe its true

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