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Anti-Yingluck activists to face prosecutors

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3 hours ago, halloween said:

And yet, where is the widespread unrest? When the people of Thailand were offended by the Thaksin amnesty and the criminal excesses of the red government, thousands took to the streets despite the violence inflicted on them by the red thugs. So why don't those so badly deprived of their rights do the same? Is your implied threat of the military more of a deterrent than the actual violence they faced, or do they simply not care enough to come out?


Think they are waiting for the junta to make good on their promises of elections, where the military leaders can be shamed and shown the door peacefully.  That, as you may remember, happened before when the military installed a puppet and the puppet lost.  The reds seem to be taking the high road in pointing out the junta is breaking laws they themselves rubber stamped.  They may just be waiting for history to repeat itself.  It may just be a matter of time when protests happen again should military not fulfill their promises. 

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4 hours ago, halloween said:

Actually, you supplied me with your views, some of which I find less than interesting, as well as irrelevant.

If you find topic relevant information which challenges your prejudices "uninteresting", so be it.

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