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BANGKOK 19 November 2018 13:52

Bangkok's Somali refugees persecuted and living in fear

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Bangkok's Somali refugees persecuted and living in fear

by Alastair G.M



Five men share this tiny studio apartment and immigration officials regularly raid their building [Alastair G M/Al Jazeera]


Bangkok, Thailand - "I've never experienced cold like this," says RK, a 19-year-old Somali refugee, as he sits in a downtown Bangkok alley one December morning.


It is 20 degrees, and opposite is the Suan Phlu Immigration Detention Center, an office building concealing thousands of undocumented migrants.


It is a stone's throw from Bangkok's gregarious tourist district, and RK's wife and nine-month-old daughter are being held inside.


"They kicked my door down and took my family when I was away," RK says, referring to an immigration raid at his home three months earlier, as part of a crackdown on undocumented migrants.


The UN's refugee agency, UNHCR, told Al Jazeera that Bangkok is home to a growing community of approximately 4,500 refugees and 2,000 asylum-seekers from more than 50 countries.


Full story: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/bangkok-somali-refugees-persecuted-living-fear-180120094817942.html


Al Jazeera: 2018-01-21

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They are rapists because they are black or because they are refugees?



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1 hour ago, PJPom said:

I hesitate to say this but the Somali and Ethiopian problems are the result of well intentioned Western aid. The popular “feed the World” campaign certainly saved a lot of lives but also raised a generation that was severely damaged physically and mentally. This produced a generation that knew no love or stability and the current problems in Australia and many other parts of the world reflects this.

It seems that their whole society lives with and accepts violence as being part of their upbringing and they carry it with them wherever they go.

Maybe we in the better off countries should stop interfering, but can we live with no conscience.

In general the 'help' arrives at the time when the point of repairing damage done by starvation has past.

Nature's way is interfered with by probably well intentioned people who just can't see the damage for the future they are causing.

Nature will eventually find a way that circumvents all the 'good intentions' and it will have a world wide effect.

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If the Thai authorities don't like or trust African refugees why have they allowed them to stay. If you want them here then offer some support.

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2 hours ago, Destiny1990 said:

Ship them to Europe we will give them free houses, free monthly 900 euros a month till rest of their life, free passport, free medical, free lawyers and lateron they may bring over all their family members.. because they are refugees so that what we need to do...Read they above if anyone still wonder why they keep coming..

Meanwhile there no money for our elderly but who cares.

Please add Australia to the lucky country for refugees !

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