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BANGKOK 19 November 2018 05:44

Bangkok to Phitsanulok

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Hi everyone,

Can you recommend the most comfortable and direct bus service Bangkok to Phitsanulok?

Thanks very much for all useful info!

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This is a bit off topic. But is some thing that may help.

  The bus station in Pitsanuluk is on the highway coming into town.You will need to get transportation into town.and know what hotel you want to go to. 

  I recommend you take the train. Train station is right in the middle of the city can get off the train walk to a good hotel.that is near the night market and many good restaurants.Can stay in that area and never need a ride to go any where.Unless you like malls like Big C and Lotus then you must take a taxi of some form. If you do not mind walking every thing to fill your day is with in walking distance. The Lithai my old time favorite is easy to walk to and great people run it and have a great bakery and  a steak restaurant plus a smaller restaurant .and coffee shop in front. Easy to find just ask any shop Where is the Lithai?

It is 2 blocks from train station.

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