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BANGKOK 18 December 2018 03:18
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Jonathan Fairfield

300x250 banner every day for 7 days in a Premium location at the top of the Thaivisa newsletter

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Dear Business,


Thaivisa is for a limited time opening up a PREMIUM banner spot at the top of the newsletter. It’s available for 7 days (One newsletter per day, your choice of AM/PM).


We can drive traffic directly to a URL you provide or we can link the banner to an editorial post on a forum of your choice. The latter is beneficial to your business as we index very highly with google we can create a wealth of searchable online content.






  • Visibility and brand awareness with a readership of over 323000

      - 63% Thai expat, 24% UK, Australia, USA, Singapore, 13% other countries

  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • SEO benefits and Google optimization.


49,000 retail price (7000 baht per newsletter)


SPECIAL: 39000 Baht (5500 per newsletter) 7x newsletters


Email: [email protected] NOW!!!

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