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BANGKOK 19 November 2018 05:33

Mor Saeng threatens to cease distributing herbal ‘cure’ for cancer

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2 minutes ago, Get Real said:

Yep! The mumbo jumbo seems to work better in the North East. As always it´s easier to fool people with poor or less education and make them believe the impossible.

The reason for this is that in the North East they have more practitioners of black magic, particularly in Buri Ram and Surin, and the herbal doctors are needed to counteract the black magic spells.



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Where do the drugs doctors use actually come from? In general what are the sources of medicines on the planet? 

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5 hours ago, Thailand said:

It appears the Folk doctor is a Fake doctor!


Not necessarily.


What may be fake to some is the truth to others.


If they believe that it works and it costs them nothing, why worry?


Why do prayers work in some cases? Perhaps because people believe in them.

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On 7.2.2018 at 6:51 PM, HerbalEd said:

Conventional medicine doesn't exactly have great success treating cancer -- some times they do, and sometimes they don't. I've seen way too many people who died of cancer therapy (e.g., chemo and radiation) before the cancer killed them. I've also seen many cancer patients either cured or greatly improved with the use of medicinal herbs, natural whole-foods diet, immuno-modulation, etc. But to be fair, I've seen many die in spite of using natural therapies -- same as conventional medicine. 


Alternative medicine is medicine that is either not proven to work, or proven not to work.

Alternative medicine that is proven to work is called - medicine.


[Tim Minchin]


If any natural remedy is proven to work in an conclusive double blind study (For that's what science is all about: Evidence. Not "unnatural chemistry and evil men in white coats) it will become part of academic medicine. Like aspirin or penicillin.

So bin the anecdotal stuff and check the numbers. A healthy diet does indeed lower your risk for certain kinds of cancer, but have never been shown to cure cancer. Chemo does. Much more often than doing nothing, or the placebo effect. It's still a risky, terrible procedure, but among the better ones we have in our arsenal right now.


I mean, certainly we could take some of the billions we spend rescuing banks from their own gambling depts, hire some of the tens of thousands of unemployed biologists focusing on cancer research and put some more efford behind finding a cure, but I guess tax-cuts for the super-rich and social welfare for tax evading corporations are just a bit more important for the majority of voters.

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