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BANGKOK 16 December 2018 07:47

Get me outa here! Taxis with emergency panic buttons coming to Pattaya!

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3 hours ago, Peterw42 said:

Forget panic buttons, how about a big button that you press and it turns on the meter.

Fantastic idea!

However, how long will it take, you think, that button would be disconnected?

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I don’t understand... is the red button for customers or for the taxi driver who will call the police if the tourist will not agree to pay the higher not metered price?

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An impotent solution to a long standing, money making scheme. Walk by the Base Condominium on Pattaya 2nd Road and observe the sharks feeding on tourist "chum". Pathetic. A bad image for Pattaya, not to mention illegal for failing to use a meter.

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The other option is to negotiate a price for a PRIVATE CHARTER with a Baht Bus .


The problem with that is you never know which bus is PRIVATE and which bus is PUBLIC until they fly past your waving arms like you are invisible.


Can't BAHT BUSES do like taxis and have a roof light or front window light to indicate when they are not available. 



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5 hours ago, scorecard said:


"Nit said he hoped that the scheme would lower problems of taxi drivers asking exorbitant fares and ripping off tourists and the general public and lead to greater safety."


Most Thai passengers still talk to the driver through the open passengers window / with the door half open.


If the driver quotes an outrageous fare and it's rejected by the potential customer(s) then the driver just pulls away. Meaning no chance to press the 'alert' button. Therefore not helping to reduce the outrageous fare situation.


In recent years outside of my university we've been seeing the following:


- Students talking a lot (negatively) about taxi rip offs and sexual harassment of female passengers by drivers.


- Students encouraging each other to just open the door and get in and insist the driver take them to their quoted destination and demand (if needed) that the driver use the meter.




- If it's female students, many times the driver abuses them saying they are rude and have no respect for people older than the diver (the abuse frequently with sexual innuendo). And sometimes the driver pulling a handgun, machete, baseball bat etc., so the female students quickly jump out.


- It it's male students they are more likely to be organized, they all jump in, one already making a video of the ID plates on the inside of the doors, the registration card and photo on the dashboard and video of the driver's face and recording his voice and usually telling the driver they are filming. The male students not so easily intimidated and more likely to stand their ground compared to the female students. But, not surprisingly some taxi mafia still challenge the boys with handguns etc. 


- If there's an incident the students do quickly send the video to the police and DLT websites and facebook pages and same to the websites / facebook pages of the various ultimate taxi owning companies who rent to drivers by the day. 


- Different scenario, one western female visiting professor (very beautiful and looks much younger than her real age) came from Europe to teach one course. Her hotel sent a staff member with her on day one for the taxi trip to her uni (approximately 10 - 12 minutes, usually 41 - 51 Baht).


The uni admin. staff wrote a note in Thai script for her to give to the taxi driver to go home to the hotel. She gave the note to the driver who demanded 300Baht and locked the doors. The professor banged on the window and was noticed by a small group of male Thai and exchange students who surrounded and kicked the taxi. Eventually the driver unlocked the doors.


She was traumatized and it took some talking to get her to stay and complete the course. 


From the next lesson several male students went to her hotel to travel with her to get to the campus and same to take her back to her hotel.


She will never return.


This incident has made the students even more determined to not be cheated by taxi drivers. 



The 'professor' didn't know how to unlock and open a car door? 

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