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BANGKOK 17 December 2018 06:57
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Changing Kip to Thai baht problem?

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Does anyone know where i can change Kip to Thai baht here in Chiang Mai? I have 500,000 Kip in 100,000 notes. I tried to exchange in Udon Thani airport they said no and when i got to Chiang Mai Airport they also said no. I know its not much money but i do not plan on going back to Laos for a long time, Any help would be appreciated...



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I don't believe that you will have much success. Just like Indian Rupee, Lao Kip are not permitted to be take out of the country , aimed at larger sums, so it's virtually impossible to exchange them at banks or Currency Exchange windows. (At least, that is the reasoning I was given by a friend who works at Bangkok Bank.)  You'll have better luck advertising in one of the Chiang Mai 'buy and sell' Facebook forums, looking for someone who may be planning a visit to Laos soon.

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