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Old Croc

Wat Chalong Festival

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The annual festival at the temple got underway tonight with fireworks, chanting and other assorted noise.

 The local ladies have been planning a raid on the plant stalls for a few days. Watch for increased traffic in the area over the next week.

We're just under 2ks away, but can hear most of the goings on quite clearly.

Tonight we had a more tangible reminder that the festival had started. I found a largish piece of plastic hanging from the gutter just outside the back door. By the time we retrieved it, I had worked out what it was and where it had come from. I told the little lady that Buddha had sent her a present from the temple in the form of a Chinese lantern. If it had come down about 2 feet shorter it could have almost come in the back door, which would have been an interesting adjunct to my viewing of the "Black Mirror".


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19 minutes ago, eezergood said:

open/operating from what time to what time? and when does it run until?



I don't know for sure, but I think it opens about 700am and the fair can go quite late in the evening with bands, etc. Shows start at 7.00 pm

Runs for 7 days. 14-20 February

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15 hours ago, phuketrichard said:

last time we went  ( think it was back in 2014) took over 2 hours to get back to kamala.


People going south would have tunnel trouble now.

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3 hours ago, Valentine said:

Drove past there last night about 8,30. Straight through. In past years I recall long tailbacks at times.

Same here, except night before.

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